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Digital Scanning & Image Storage

Idaho Records Management offers a progressive scanning and digital document management service. IRM scans, indexes and hosts the documents at our secure facility. Internet access with a standard browser is all that is required to view the stored images in IRM’s document file cabinets from any location worldwide. This service is a convenient, affordable business solution designed to save the time and expense it takes businesses to process scanning projects in-house and provide them with image view and retrieval capabilities.


Working with designees to tailor scanning and retrieval parameters

Pick up of files/boxes to be scanned

Conversion of paper to digital images

Client digital image storage, internet retrieval capability, and/or scan to CD

Training on the image storage and internet retrieval process

Quality control

Paper records storage

Paper records destruction

On going training and support

Our digital scanning and document management system makes it unnecessary for IRM’s clients to purchase expensive equipment and spend countless dollars on training staff for digital imaging projects. We are Idaho's records management professionals, outsourcing projects to IRM will allow your company to focus on higher value work functions.

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